I am proud to introduce the Your Inspector Guy team.

Darrel Abbey.  Chief Inspector.  I have spent my whole life in the housing industry in one capacity or another. I grew up swinging hammers and pitching in on home renovation projects, as well as construction site work with my father. When I entered the work force I spent time in a number of different trades from electrical and audio/visual wiring to HVAC and plumbing work.  After bouncing around all of the different trades over the years, I wanted to find something that would allow me put all of the knowledge that I had accumulated to work in a single profession. Home inspection was a perfect fit, and I am happy to be able to offer my services, knowledge and experience from over 2,000 inspections to you.

Learn more about Darrel and his technical qualifications on social media:

Cindy Hartman.  Cindy is our office manager, scheduler, customer service representative and all round “does everything” person.

Cindy will be your first point of contact when you contact us for inspection services.  Call her with any question at 561 401-9169 or feel free to email her at info@yourinspectorguy.com

Cindy’s background as a human resources  manager and licensed real estate broker  is a tremendous help in keeping up with current trends and legal issues and keeping our company on track.

Cindy’s mission to our clients is to assist them through the home inspection process. Cindy doesn’t actively practice as a real estate broker at this time, because she feels our clients need all the attention and assistance she can give.   (Our clients are on a strict time frame, and we strive to be available to help within that time frame! )

She’s happy to answer any questions.  Give her a call, she can help.

Guy Hartman.  Founder and A Great American.

Guy Hartman started Your Inspector Guy Home Inspection Services so that he could bring his values, morals and principals to an industry that was much in need a company that would do things for the right reasons.

He believed that home inspectors should be independent, unbiased and work with the sole interest of the client in mind. We are proud to say that we here at Your Inspector Guy have accomplished those goals and have successfully established a business that operates on based on values and principals instead of dollars and cents.

Guy devoted 25 years of his life in service to our country as a Marine Aviator.  He was a loving father, husband and a Great American.  In 2017 he passed away due to complications from Pancreatic Cancer.  His memory continues to live on through the values that he instilled in the framework of Your Inspector Guy.