Home Sellers

As a home seller there are many advantages to getting an inspection done before listing your home for sale. First and foremost a pre-listing inspection will help make sure that there aren’t going to be any big surprises on inspection day when the potential buyer has their inspector at the property. We’ve all heard the dreaded term “deal killers”. Getting an inspection before hand will help you have a better understanding of the property you are listing and what things the other inspector may find.

Secondly, once you are armed with the information on the condition of your property you can take action and fix the deficiencies found on your pre-listing inspection. This way, those deficiencies will be a non issue.

Also, if you fix the problems before listing the house, you are doing it on your dime. Which can be a much cheaper way to have the fixes done. Some of the work you may be able to perform yourself, or if you have to hire something out you have the time to shop around and find a good price on whatever service you are looking for. Compare that to how things work when the house is under contract. If the buyers inspector finds the issues then the buyer might stipulate that they want their contractor to do the repairs which could be a much more expensive proposition.

Tips from Your Inspector Guy

  • We always recommend using licensed professionals when applicable.
  • We recommend consulting with your realtor about disclosure regulations and policies.
  • When listing your property for sale you can advertise the property as already having been inspected. However, keep in mind that this can be a double-edged sword. The buyer will most likely have their own inspection done anyway, and the buyers inspector is going to work harder than ever to find everything he/she can to make sure they don’t miss something that your listing inspector found.
  • Most insurance companies nowadays are requiring a wind mitigation assessment on just about every property they quote. If you want to add another bullet to your sales gun, consider getting a wind mitigation done and offering it to the potential buyer as an added value. It will save your buyer time and money, both of which sweeten the deal. Read more about insurance inspections here…


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