Our Report

At Your Inspector Guy, we are proud to provide you with a thorough inspection. Our comprehensive inspection and report covers the foundation to the roof and everything in between. We strive every single day to make sure that our report stands head and shoulders above every other inspection report in the industry, and it really does.

We document everything that we inspect and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed written report that:

  • Is written in clear, easy to understand language.
  • Is color coded to highlight important issues.
  • Includes photos to help identify and locate deficiencies.
  • Is not the typical “fix-it” list report.
  • Includes helpful homeowner tips, pointers and ideas.
  • We take great pride in this report!

Feel free to take some time and scroll through our sample report at the right.

How to use our report

  • Read through the report. We work hard at producing a standalone report.  Our priorities will be highlighted by color and ratings.  Keep in mind our priorities as home inspectors may not be your priorities!
  • Decide on your priorities. Perhaps you are not concerned with the kitchen cabinet damage we’ve reported as you have remodeling plans to replace them.
  • Work with your real estate agent as they can guide you through addressing your desires and concerns within the real estate contract.
  • We recommend releasing only the information that is important to you. See Recommendations.
  • If repairs are negotiated recommend documentation, work orders, invoices or other documentation is provided that establishes that licensed or otherwise qualified professionals did the work. Ensure that warranties and guarantees are transferred to you.
  • Give us a call with any questions.


These recommendations are based on our experiences, our understanding of real estate contracts. Unfortunately we have experienced many horrible situations that would have never happened had the following basic guidelines been followed.

  • The report and any information we provide belongs to you and no one else. It is your private property to use as you see fit.  Recommend that you control the information so that your interests are protected.  The report is intended for your use only.
  • Strongly caution against providing the report to an insurance company or a mortgage company. Your interests are not likely aligned with their interests.
  • Recommend that you do not release any of the information contained in the report until you have consulted with your real estate agent.
  • Recommend releasing only information that is important to you. Consider all other information for your use only.


  • Guy is an Affiliate of JTHS Association of Realtors as a Home Inspector. My clients have used Guy's services and been completely satisfied. Guy's professionalism helps ME, Help my clients get to the closing table! Sharon Scott, REALTOR - SSRS at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Jupiter Florida
  • Guy has done inspections for several of my clients and they were ALL extremely pleased with his thoroughness attention to detail. -Thom Montrois, RE/MAX Properties
  • I wish I could choose more than 3 best attributes to describe Guy's work. In addition to being reliable, punctual, and extremely personable, his work is impeccable. He is extremely thorough in his home inspections, taking photographs and detailed notes for the client's reference. He is also available for follow-up questions. I feel confident hiring Guy to do my home inspections, knowing that my clients will know exactly what they're buying. And, for my own reference, he is more than happy to explain to me any issues he finds during an inspection, so that I can review the results in detail with my clients. I fully recommend Guy Hartman and Your Inspector Guy for your home inspection needs, whether you are a homebuyer, seller, or a real estate professional. -David D'Onofrio, RE/MAX Properties
  • I have recommended Guy to my customers repeatedly. They are always very satisfied with his inspection reports and feel that the inspection is complete and thorough. He takes the time to speak with them and answer any questions they may have. He is extremely knowledgable and trustworthy. Sincerely, Kristen -Kristen Danzig, Realtor Jupiter & Juno Beach
  • Simply, Guy is a thorough and knowledgeable home inspector. But what continually impresses me is Guy's ability to convey his findings in layman's terms, which not only educates clients and agents, but more importantly, calms the often anxious homebuyer. He is prompt, polite and a joy to work with. I use Guy on my personal purchases and always recommend him to my real estate clients. -Katherine Scarim, Island Bridge Realty
  • Guy Hartman at Your Inspector Guy Home Inspection Services provides consistent and excellent service in this industry. He has outstanding knowledge in his field and provides the client with an indepth report of the inspection and readily follows up with clients' questions. His assessment of issues which need to be addressed are handled in a professional manner without bias. - Rosanne Tramonti, Coldwell Banker
  • Great at what they do! They are always very honest and professional. And give great advice! Thanks Your Inspector Guy! -Kassy
  • Darrel did a great job in my latest inspection. On time, courteous and patient with my clients many questions ! I definitely recommend them. -Emel Onur, LEAD Consulting Group
  • As first time home buyers we were nervous going into the home inspection. Thank goodness we chose Guy and Darrel. They did a wonderful job and we could not be happier. - Johnny and Brogan
  • I have been using GUY for my inspections for a couple of years and he does an awesome job, my buyers and I have always been pleased. - David McCallar, Golden Bear Realty