Property Access Checklist

Print a copy of our Inspection Preparation Checklist

Access into the community

  • If the property is in a gated community we need access into the community to get to the property. If it is a manned-gate community we need to be called in for access to security (not property managers, or the home center, or the golf course clubhouse) prior to the day of the inspection. If the community does not have a manned-gate then we need a gate access code. Calling the owner on a call box is not an acceptable option as many times the property is vacant or the owners may not be attending the inspection.  Sometimes use of specific gates, access points or parking areas are required.  Also, if the inspection is on the weekend or holiday check the association’s policy for work performed during those times – some are very strict and will turn us away.
    • Community gate access
    • Community gate code
    • Parking
    • Sign in requirements
    • Meeting place
    • Holiday/Weekend policies

Access into the property

  • If the property owner or listing agent is not going to be at the property prior to the start time of the inspection then we need a way into the property. If the property is on lockbox, then we need the combo. If the property is on supra, then either the listing agent or the buyers agent needs to be at the property prior to the inspection to allow us into the property. If the owner has hidden a key under a rock, we need to know which rock and where it is located.
    • Lockbox codes
    • Door lock codes
    • Alarm codes
    • Hidden key access
    • Roof top access if necessary (check association policy for weekend holiday access!)


  • All utilities should be on for us to conduct a thorough inspection.  Keep in mind that we cannot touch the utility side of any system.  Also, there may be turn around time to reactivate as system that has been turned off.
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Main shut off

Accesss to all spaces and systems

  • Once in the property we need complete and easily ready access to all exterior and interior spaces and systems. Every room, every door, every light switch and every window. We need access to the electrical panel, hvac systems, water heater and attic accesses. If a space, system or component of a system is not readily accessible we will not move personal property or make other efforts to gain access. It will be marked as not accessible and not inspected.
    • Attic – all access hatches or ladders
    • HVAC components and systems – interior and exterior system components
    • Water heater – plumbing and complete access to cabinet
    • Electric panel – clearance to remove the dead front cover


  • Ideally pets should be removed from the property or completely controlled and contained.  Inspectors cannot take responsibility for pet security.


  • Generally it is the responsibility of the selling party to have the house ready for inspection. Make sure that accessibility is discussed and agreed upon when notifying the selling party of the inspection time.
  • Having the property readily available for inspection allows for a much more thorough and complete inspection, as well as reduces the requirement of return trips for re-inspection of inaccessible areas.