By now I’m sure you’ve seen (or heard about) how thorough the team at Your Inspector Guy is. While it is certainly never our intention for any of our findings to alarm anyone or stress a transaction; occasionally factual deficiencies are discovered that no one, even the home owner was aware of (See: Termites, Roof Leaks, Un-permitted Systems or Renovations, etc).

Just imagine if the property had been inspected before going under contract. Those items would have been discovered & corrected, never to be of concern again. In light of the that, we are proud to introduce the Your Inspector Guy Pre-Inspected & Approved for Sale Program.

A Your Inspector Guy Pre-Inspection is a low cost way to keep a failed home inspection from derailing your sale. A pre-listing inspection is considerably less expensive than a full pre-purchase home inspection and certainly cheaper than losing a sale. Also, we will work with you and the seller on pricing and payment as necessary to make it both affordable and reasonable for all parties.


Another key benefit to the Your Inspector Guy Pre-Inspected & Approved for Sale Program is that quite often potential buyers will skip the expense of hiring their own inspector when they receive a Pre-Inspection Report.
Especially if they happen to look up the company that performed the inspection…

Furthermore, as I’m sure you’re aware, if a potential buyers inspector finds a deficiency during the pre-purchase inspection they almost always bring their own contractors in for repair cost estimates. When this happens, those contractors often “fluff the bid” to give the buyer more negotiating power in the transaction. If the property had been Pre-Inspected & Approved for Sale by the team at Your Inspector Guy, the seller would have had an opportunity to take corrective measures on their own which can be much cheaper than the alternative. Especially if the owner is handy and takes matters into their own hands.

As part of the Your Inspector Guy Pre-Inspected & Approved for Sale Program we will provide a hanging sign or lawn sign signifying to passers by and showing attendees that the property has been gone through by the best-in-the-business and is turn-key, ready to move-in and a safe home for their family.

If you have any questions about our Pre-Inspected & Approved for Sale Program,
please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime via phone, text or email.

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